DJ Overflow was born & raised in Houston where he grew up in a Christ centered home. His father, a pastor for 25 plus years, yes you guessed it right a "PK"! Grew up in a traditional background setting which helped him understand the values & principals that are at times lost or simply never received in homes. He's married to his beautiful wife Lily & has a wonderful son named Jasun. He's striving to lead a family that many can follow in a world that continues to tug and pull away from the family structure that God has established.

DJ Overflow is a minister of the Gospel! In all of his platforms he is consistent on making sure the truth is heard. A man passionate for Christ which gives him the ability to appeal to all generations. His testimony allows God's message to reach both the believer and non-believer. What sets DJ Overflow apart from other artists in the genre is his ability to reach multi-aged groups and cultures. His passion for God and ability to minister is a gift that will bless not only the church, but also the world.


To create a sound that cannot be denied by today's time. From old school to new school, boom bap to dubstep, hip-hop to dance music and all of that to sound engineering & production, DJ Overflow is breaking barriers through his mixes and production. He currently is a radio host for the inspirational hour on 90.1 KPFT in Houston,TX (www.kpft.org) every Wednesday night at 11 P.M. "Change the music and you will change the mind" is a phrase used to bridge the gap between the world, believers, non-believers and people of all races.


To create a Christian lifestyle that transcends genres, crosses cultural lines and religious doctrines to promote life not just simply in the church, but in the world.